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General information



 METAL CROWD FESTIVAL is the name of the biggest international festival of extreme music, which annually gathers together more than 40 groups from all over the world on one stage. The show takes place in town Rechtsa( one of the oldest cities in the Republic of Belarus), which is situated in the center of the republic. A world practice of organization of large scales festival was taken as the basis for our festival. And our country tries to prove that the movement of extreme music is also developed here. The festival is greatly supported by the fans of extreme music and people from all over the world come to the city when the fest is hold.

 Information about the METAL CROWD FESTIVAL

-More than 40 groups during 2 days.
-on the 15th of August you can enter the sport complex at 11:30. The time of the beginning of the performance is at 12:00
-on the 16th of August you can enter the sport complex at 11-30. The time of the beginning of the performance is at 11:30
- You can buy merchandise of the festival and group-participants from 12:00 till 24:00during 2 days.
- Merchandise is limited and can be bought at the fest. or beforehand and sent by post.
-During 2 days the place will be provided with dry closets FREE! Think about other people and leave them clean.
-You can take a sauna bath for a certain price. You should discuss it with the administration of the sport complex .


METAL CROWD is held every summer in Rechitsa (Gomel Region, Belarus), which is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the Republic (it was mentioned for the first time in 1213). The place itself is situated on the outskirts of the city: Sport complex “NADEZHDA” st. Svetlogorskoe Highway,1 (near the forest). Rechitsa is situated on the banks of the river Dnieper.

The fest is held on location with picturesque landscape.


ATTENTION! The org committee of the fest warns that while visiting woods in summer everybody should observe the laws of the Republic of Belarus and the rules of fire prevention. You should not leave any rubbish in woods. You are fully responsible for your own life while in the forest.


Find distance calculation here.

Autograph and photo sessions

- At the fest everyone will have a chance to get an autograph of your favorite group and make photos with them. All photos may be made for personal use only.
- To get an autograph use photos, posters, CDs, DVDs not to offend groups by using sheets of paper in a very bad condition.
WARNING: professional equipment (cameras, etc.), excepting admitted people by the org committee, is not allowed. Otherwise it will be recaptured!!!
You can find the place and the time of the autograph and photo sessions several days before the fest on the site of the festival.

Meals, shops, cash machines, exchange offices.

- On the territory of the sport complex you would find a wide range of food and soft drinks at reasonable prices. You can spend nice time with your friends in an open air cafeé on the territory of the sport complex. It is not allowed to bring all kinds of drinks and food. You can buy everything here.
-In 10 minutes walk you could find some shops where you will buy everything you need and you can pay either in cash or by card.
- Here are the addresses of the nearest cash machines
A branch of BELARUSBANK – Stroiteley str.,2
Cash machine BPS-Sberbank- Svetlogorskoe Highway, 7/2 shop “NADEZHDA”
Cash machine BPS-Sberbank-Stroiteley str., 2a, shop “Novorechitskyi”
Cash machine Priorbank-Stroiteley,2a, shop “Novorechitskyi”
Our national currency is Belarusian rubles. On your way to the fest. change your money. Our banks accept USD, EUR, RUB, UAH.

City transport

You can get to the fest :
- from railway station by bus 5 ( to the right direction) and bus 6 ( to the left direction, first you should cross the street). Get off at bus stop RITM.
- from the bus station. Take bus 5 (left direction) and bus 6 (right direction; the bus stop is opposite the railway station. It’s not far from the bus station).Get off at bus stop RITM.
Find the route in “How to get”
You can also take a taxi by using the following phone numbers: +375(29)34-00-181(Velcom), +375(29)53-99-181(MTS), a car, minibus.

If you go by a private car

People who are going to stay no more than one day can leave their cars near the sport complex.
The following information is for those who are going to stay more than 1 day:
- there are 2 guarded parking places near the place of the fest.
- here are the addresses of the nearest gas stations. They work 24 hours:
Svetlogorskoe Highway,
Molodezhnaya str.
6km from road Rechitsa-Love

How to behave

Use garbage containers. Leave the territory clean after you. Otherwise you will be fined.



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