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15-16 August 2015, Rechitsa, Belarus
The 11th International Festival of Extreme Music 



1.1 Department of ideological work, culture and for youth are responsible for the organization of the festival (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

2.1 The dates of the festival are 15-16 of August 2015
2.2 The place of the festival is Rechitsa, Belarus


3.1 Any rock group playing extreme music can become a participant of the fest if they send their application form till the 1nd of July 2015 (points 4.1; 4.2; 4.3; 4.4).
3.2 There are no limits on the age


4.1 It is obligatory to know the following.
4.2 The monitor of the group or his representative should send an application form to the organizers till the 1nd of June 2015. One copy of the application form is send for registration. The 2nd copy is send in a written form (download on the official site). It should be filled in, printed and sent with audio and video material.
4.3 The group should send CD, DVD with the last work, video containing the performance of the group with live sound, track lists, lyrics of the songs,the biography of the group, logo of the group (JPG, PSD and CDraw) and 4-5 photos (JPG) to the following address: 247500, Rechitsa, Sovetskaya st. 83a/20, Republic of Belarus, Egor Rul
4.4 Applications are studied as soon as organizing committee gets audio and video materials.
4.5 The results of the casting are reflected on the site.

5. Obligations of the Participants

5.1 All transportation costs are paid by the groups themselves.
5.2 All other costs are also paid by the groups themselves.
5.3 Every group use their own instruments (guitars, keys, drummer should have his own plates, pedals, snare drum). The drum kit is one for every group with one bass drum, two toms, hi-hat stand, 3 cymbals stands ( except cymbals, pedals, snare drum)
5.4 The performance lasts from 30 till 40 minutes.
5.5 Obscenity, race discrimination and religious topics are strongly prohibited.
5.6 Hard drinks, drugs are strongly prohibited.
5.7 A group should arrive 6-8 hours before the performance. In case of delay org committee should be informed beforehand.
5.8 If points 5.5; 5.6 are not followed to the group will not perform and will have to leave the stage.
5.9 Everything should be talked over with the org committee beforehand.
5.10 After sending an application form the group is OBLIGED in the terms of 3 days on every official site display banner METAL CROWD fest. with the references to the official site www.metalcrowd.ru and other sources of METAL CROWD fest.
5.11 Groups which sent application forms and materials to the org committee provide the org committee with the right to display their materials (audio, video, photo, logo, emblems) on the official site www.metalcrowd.ru, to use them in advertising campaign and for public distribution.
5.12 The org committee has a unique right to make photo, audio, video materials of the group for their further use only on the purpose of advertising METAL CROWD fest. The groups provide the org committee with the right to reproduce all materials for the advertising of the fest.


6.1 Till the 14th of July 2015 the org committee must study all application forms, choose the participants and on the 15th of July present the names of the groups who will perform at the fest.
6.2 The org committee should inform the group the group about their participation at the fest by sending an e-mail the address given in the application form.
6.3 The org committee is not financially responsible before the participants.
6.4 The participation of the groups is discussed b the org committee.
6.5 The org committee chooses the order, time and the date of the performance of the groups.
6.6 The org committee has the right to use photos, audio and video materials made at the fest for its personal needs only on the purpose of advertising the fest.
6.7 The org committee doesn’t provide group fans, drivers, operators, technicians and others with free entrance to the fest.

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